Wk1-Landscape with a Shannon-Shannon McGuinness



Landscape with a Corpse

by Shannon McGuinness



These pictures were taken as part of a project for my visual arts class. We have been instructed to take a photo on how we expect our future death to be, with respect to artist Izima Kaoru for having this original idea. In this scenario, I have died, hopefully that part is obvious. My departure has occurred because of my common mistake of drinking while driving. No, I am not talking DUI, rather drinking boba. In this photo I have chocked on the boba. Because I am a careful and responsible driver, I have refused to crash into other people, so I pulled over, then attempted to preform the Heimlich Maneuver with the arm rest. This failed, and I then received a parking ticket for pulling over next to a fire hydrant. Additionally, I credit boba loca for selling me the drink, and hope that they view this advertisement with optimism instead of negativity, because I am clearly stating that I value their drinks over the possibility of my death. Thanks for viewing!



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