Wk3 Classmate Conversation-Bekah Johnson


For our first week of interviews I interviewed our classmate Bekah Johnson. We went to observe artist Josh Vasquez’s work in the Max I. Gatov Gallery West. I asked her what her favorite work was out of the gallery and she pointed to one of a giant skull that appeared to be drawn with sharpie on a clear trash bag. Inside one of the skull’s eye socket were the words “It doesn’t have to be more than this”. Down below I have inserted a picture of this art piece. I asked her, “Why is this your favorite art piece out of all the selection?” and she had responded that it was the most simplistic. Out of all the materials that the artist could use, he decided to use a trash bag, which is an easily disposable item. Just as in death, life can easily be taken away. With the simple colors of black and white, the simple trash bag, the simple sharpie, and the clear and concise message, the entire work itself becomes complex. This art piece demonstrates that life and death do not have to be as complicated as everyone strives to make it. Perhaps there is nothing that follows life, there is no point in viewing it with fear and sorrow. The only real certainty there is, is that we are alive now. We must live it, take advantage of what we can, and avoid taking for granted the beauty and color of the world that there is today. We are privileged to have the present, which is why it is a gift, as the saying goes.

The link to Rebekah’s website is rebekahhjohnson 🙂 thank you for reading!


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