Wk4-Classmate Conversations-Symone Pallett


Hey guys! Today I had an interview with our fellow classmate and friend Symone Pallet. Symone lives in Buena park and is currently a Pre-Speech pathology major. She really loves helping people, so along with this idea, she is currently working at a mental health clinic and while it is difficult, she really enjoys her job. While Symone is taking this class to fulfill her GE requirement, she does appreciate it and hopes to better understand it by taking this course. While talking about the gallery today she confessed that she found the work to be different and strange, yet she found it interesting enough to focus on it which according to her, she usually is not able to do! Out of all the options in the gallery, her favorite art pieces were  the fish. She found them to be colorfully optimistic and she appreciated the time he dedicated in making the sculptures. I posted one of the pictures of the fish down below off of Samuel Jernigan’s website, http://cargocollective.com/samueljernigan.  If you want to hear more about Symone feel free to check out her website! Just click on Symone Pallett. Thank you for reading!



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