Wk6-Photo Walk

Hi everyone! This week we were assigned to complete a photo walk for art class. My tour guide, Dorothyrose, took us to see the different kinds of water on campus. For our first stop, we went across the Theater building and saw one of the art structures on campus. Unfortunately, the water has been drained for a while and we’re not entirely sure why. The first structure was by Claire Falkenstein, titled “U” as a set and was made in 1965. Then we went down towards the fountains near Brotman Hall. The fountains, as you can see in this picture: IMG_4599

is called “The Lough Memorial Fountain” and was dedicated in 1976. As you can see, there were a couple of ducks in it that day. As another form of water, I included the CSULB water tower in our pictures as well. Finally our last stop was Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden. In the garden there was a beautiful lake with cuoi fish:


really cool structures and designs:



and finally some beautiful scenery:



In my photos I like to take pictures through vinery or up at tree tops to allow the viewer to gain a sense of transcendentalism and give the sensation that the person is a part of the picture. I prefer taking close up shots because I believe that often times people forget that they too are a part of the nature that they are experiencing, not simply an observer. This is a beautiful world that we are fortunate enough to share. These are our environments and ecosystems that we often take for granted. In life many situations occur that often make us feel as though we are trapped and isolated in our issues. Nature however, is forgiving, it is uncaring of anyone’s situation and exists just to survive. We can appreciate nature for this reason, its free and unending beauty. It is for this I must again bring up the reoccurring theme, one must always stop and smell the roses.



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