Wk7-Artist Conversation-Andrea L. Williams

Wk 7 – Artist Conversation – Andrea L. Williams

Exhibition Information

Artist: Andrea L. Williams
Exhibition: Sacrifice 
Media: Paint, Clay
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: www.mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com
Instagram: andreawilliammms

About the Artis

Andrea is a student here at CSULB. She’s graduating next semester and is married. Andrea places much of her time and care into parenting. She is currently a mother of a nine month old daughter named Gemaili and is pregnant right now with her second child. While she does not have a preference on the gender, her husband believes their next child will also be a girl, they are both incredibly excited and cannot wait for the delivery. IMG_4659

Formal Analysis

Andrea’s works all have a similar theme. Usually paint, the colors of a rusty red and white upon a gray background. The texture of the work is very bumpy, resembling the stones that people used to write upon during the beginning of Christianity. Beneath many of these portraits are small gray stands with clay body parts upon them, either hands, feet, or a woman’s chest.


Content Analysis

As we can see, most of Andrea’s artwork resembles both Christianity and motherhood. What is clearly stated from her pieces, additionally from what she told me herself, her exhibition Sacrifice is dedicated towards the sacrifices of a mother. Most of her pieces include naked women, some are placed on crosses, pregnant, or are holding children. All are meant to represent the honesty and purity of raising a child, that nothing is more clear than the love and care of a mother for her child. By using clay for her representations, Andrea allows her pieces to appear withered and worn, just as a mother’s body appears after birthing and taking care of a child. By offering both physical and mental sacrifices, a mother’s love is pure and sacred. Additionally by adding in infant body parts below her creations, Andrea attempts to capture a moment in time of raising the child, demonstrating the very beginning of a life long commitment to the new life.IMG_4671 IMG_4669

Synthesis / My Experience

I myself am personally very connected to motherhood, well as much as you could be without actually being a mother I suppose. I love children, I constantly babysit, have helped raise my younger cousins, and find myself personally assigned to the mothership role within my groups of friends. I additionally am fortunate enough to have an immensely close relationship with my own parents. I admire Andrea’s work for captivating the dedication and love a mother can offer, and I respect that while she showed the naked bodies of women, she was able to do it in a way that ignores a sexual aurora and instead focuses on the purity of the emotion in the scene. There is nothing in the world like motherhood. It is immensely unique to hold such a strong bond with something that you, both indirectly and directly created. Mothers are a supplier of life, they uphold the power to bring joy to the world, however also obtain the responsibility to make sure that the child is placed on the right path. Ultimately I believe Andrea’s work is an honorable representation of motherhood, and I respect her goals and optimistic approach to this concept.



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