Wk 8-Automatic Drawing


For this week we were assigned to automatic drawing. What automatic drawing is, is that you take a partner, sit crisscross from each other, touch knees, then place a board on your legs. With all four of your hands you close your eyes and draw on a piece of paper that has been taped on your board. While the instructions claimed the pencil was going to move on its own, it didn’t, (fortunately this isn’t an Ouija board)and eventually we decided to take matters into our own hands (literally). Apparently we tended to make many stars unintentionally, the heart however, was on purpose. The instructions did not say that we had to be silent so we talked to each other in the process. My friend Judy was awesome for taking the pictures and my friend Matthew was great for doing the project with me. Somehow we made a pretty weird looking face on the side, but other than that the rest of our project mainly looks like a bunch of scribbles. There also happens to be a more cute winking face in the upper right portion of the scribbles. Overall I did not know what to expect from this project nor understand its purpose. According to the instructions we are supposed to gain some form of psychedelic experience from this project, but I felt more like a three year old learning to color with a crayon for the first time. While I follow instructions, I like to credit myself for being truthful, this was my experience and that was how I viewed this assignment. Thank you for reading!


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