Wk9-Classmate Conversation-Valerie Laslo



Hey guys! This week I interviewed our classmate Valerie Laslo for our classmate conversations. Valerie is a pre-criminal justice major and a third year here at Cal State Long Beach. Previously she had wanted to be a Marine Biology major, but changed her mind this last semester. A while ago Valerie went snow boarding in Montana and completely fell in love with the place. She got to see bald eagles and beautiful lakes, and while she grew up in Long Beach, is planning to move to Montana when she graduates or transfers. Valerie loves to go hiking and play sports. She has no siblings, but have two cats, one named Star and the other Cheetah. Recently she saw the movie DeadPool and loved it! (Me too I must say) If you want to learn more about Valerie, check out her website here! Valerie Laslo Thank you!


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