Hi everyone! This week we had to post four Instagram pictures and tag our class art110 in the process. For my pictures, I took a couple of shots of the artwork we saw in the gallery, one with my friends Symone and Tareena, and lastly one of my dog, Mika. Looking upon my classmate’s posts, I see few¬†similarities with mine. People so far had mainly posted food, police cars, shoes, and a few others posted pictures with their friends like mine. I feel as though we are disconnected individuals, because even though I have met some of these people, I have not talked to them enough to get to know them. I believe that most classes in college are not taken seriously, and are mainly only taken for the credit towards their degree. If this was a class that people had joined outside of school, or a club for instance, people may feel much more willing to be involved and become close to one another. For these reasons I believe that we are individuals, while all searching for a similar goal, have many different dreams and personalities.


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