Wk 11-Turning Pages

This week’s activity was named “Turning Pages” and the idea was inspired by artist Marta Troya. One different way of documenting experiences aside poems, writing, and pictures, is by song. I believe words and pictures cannot fully capture experiences, because they probably evoke different emotions and feelings than the subject or taker of the photo. The angle, the smell, the view, and the image can all be manipulated to interpret a different response. For this reason, the style and words matter. You can always try to recreate a moment but the truth is, no two moments are exactly alike. The expectations of the first moment will most likely affect the emotions when trying to experience or explain the situation. There is also the factor of the bias of the portrayer that additionally endangers the accuracy of the image or creation. I believe trying to capture the experience threatens the experience itself. By wasting your time turning all of your present actions into memories you cannot enjoy it while it is there. On the other hand you may in fact incorrectly remember the memory as being greater than the actual experience was itself. This is the easy yet dissapointing system of our society today. Where taking pictures is more to “show off” and create envy of others by posting them online, the person is most likely rejecting their own experience by wasting time thinking of how it will turn out to be in a later view. The experiences of the library and the book store were incredibly different. By not being forced to take photos in the library, I felt as if I could really enjoy the experience more. I did not feel as though I needed to concentrate on getting information for this post later, but rather was allowed to think about the process itself. The bookstore, however, felt more like propaganda. I completely ignored the purpose of the project to instead fill its requirements. Ultimately I did like this project. It was interesting to see how we could make a change by doing something so simple as to “read” books in a library in that it confused everyone around us. I came to realize that a large group of people can cause a disturbance or an interest from the public no matter how simple the situation is. I found it funny to see that the nature of our society now focuses on the purchases of items that are for enjoyment rather than understanding, but I also was not surprised. This entire generation focuses on reckless enjoyment over education. Noticing that the rest of the world is simply giving in to this mentality to earn a greater profit over instead trying to better the population by offering intellect, is a sad, yet expected result.


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