Wk 12 – Geocatching

Hi guys! For this week our mission was to try Geocatching! I had never heard of this system before but it’s actually really cool! Geocatching is basically like a little online treasure hunt, but you have to replace the stuff you take with other stuff so someone else can find it next. I had initially thought that this project was going to be easy, I love this kind of stuff, but it turns out, it was not so much. I went with my friends Dot and Symone to try to find a Geocatch that was on campus. That utterly failed. We ended up looking for one for 30 minutes and no luck. The hint was “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” so we had thought maybe it was near the handicap sign, but eventually we had to give up. I then tried with Dot another 3 times so a total of 4 and we had literally no luck. I think some muggle must’ve found them and kept it because we kept looking for ones that were unfortunately extra small. Down below is a picture of how painfully close we were without getting anywhere. IMG_4981

Not finding one wasn’t going to keep us from planting one! Dot and I ended up planting our geocatch very close to the place where we couldn’t find the other one. So if you guys want to find it here are the coordinates!IMG_4982

And here are some pictures of where the place looks like, including Dot and I being there. IMG_4967


Overall I really did enjoy this experience. Even though we didn’t find any catches, it was really fun hiking around trying to find them! I’m going to actually keep geocatching now, I really want to find some! It was so interesting to realize that there was this whole world of hidden objects that I never knew about. The hint for our geocatch is “halfway up!” although I think the pictures speak for itself. Good luck geocatching guys! Hope you find something cool!



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