Wk13-Art Care Package


Hey guys! For this week we had  to make an Art Care package for our class. The person I drew from the hat is named Meng Chu. In my package I included some scrapbooking pieces, a couple of drawings I made when I was little, a flower, a stone, a pinecone-like thing, and a plastic deer.  I wouldn’t know much how this project is related to snapchat because I don’t have one, additionally  I am very annoyed that this course continuously attempts to force me to conform to current societal apps and online media. However, I believe that what it would want me to say is that it is similar because they are both sending something thought out to someone else. It is different because I have no emotional attachment to the person, it is not a picture of my face, I believe that receiving something with no knowledge of what it is about or affiliation to the objects makes it useless and garbage to the person receiving it, and additionally I seriously doubt anyone will respond to it because we are told to do this project for points and it is not out of our own personal idea to do it. I do think objects gain value over time, but only if you care about the person who is giving it to you. For instance if you gave me something that’s been in your family for years, I would  respect that it has that timeline, however I would not personally want it because it does not relate to me. If it were my family however, it would mean a lot to me and I would never give it away. I don’t believe art is really respected or appreciated anymore. Many people neglect trying to see the meaning behind the work, and rather view it as a tourist attraction to simply be able to say they have seen it. It doesn’t matter how many people have seen a piece, what matters is the point of the piece and what it’s trying to say. When you receive pictures quickly, it is better because you can respond quicker and it allows you to have an ongoing conversation and it’s easier to not get bored or tired of it. When it’s slower, such as by mail, it can be better because it feels more personal and that there’s more effort in it. You can make a “meal with love” in a sense because the more time that is put in it the more effort and the more the meal is worth, in a personal sense. The ACP is much more personal than a snapchat because I think snapchat is pretty stupid. I find it only as a source of sending careless pictures, often associated with narcissism because it’s usually just pictures of the holder of the phone attempting to look as attractive as possible to impress the other person, or as ugly as possible to again impress the receiver, while an ACP offers someone to keep something that won’t vanish in a matter of seconds. Looks fade, snapchat will one day fade (hopefully sooner than later), but objects and personality can last a lifetime.


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