Wk-14 Sketching in the Garden

Hi guys! Last blog post here, *wipes away tear. This week we went to the garden to sketch and take pictures. I really enjoyed this experience and found it to be very peaceful. It was really nice to sit around with friends, laugh, and draw some of the nature around us. I took three abstract pictures and three regular pictures, then did the same with drawing. For the abstract drawings, they were really fun to do because it could really  be anything you want. One I did of an odd fish, and the other two I did to represent sight and speech, I often drew more mouths than ears to symbolize that a lot of people tend to talk without listening. The other pictures I drew were of a duck, a tree with a chair, and of the fish swimming in the water. It was really entertaining to capture a sense of motion in the pictures, with the fish and water moving, the tree blowing in the wind, and the duck speeding to its companions. Thank you for reading! I hope you have an amazing summer and overall a wonderful life.



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