Wk16-Classmate Conversation-Jing Huan Ooi


Hi guys! Last time doing artist/classmate convos! My classmate conversation buddy is named Jing. She’s an electrical engineering major because she wants to see the money! She transferred here from Malaysia and is currently a junior. Jing misses home sometimes, but she loves the colder weather, Malaysia is near the boarder so it’s always hot. While she has a sister, Jing currently lives with her boyfriend. She’s half Chinese and half Malaysian, lives in LA and is 20 years old. She loves reading (horror stories), cooking, swimming (although she says that the water back home was better because it was less salty), and watching Korean dramas. If you want to learn more about Jing, here’s her website! FNU Ooi Jing Huan Bye! Thank you!



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