Wk 12 – Geocatching

Hi guys! For this week our mission was to try Geocatching! I had never heard of this system before but it’s actually really cool! Geocatching is basically like a little online treasure hunt, but you have to replace the stuff you take with other stuff so someone else can find it next. I had initially thought that this project was going to be easy, I love this kind of stuff, but it turns out, it was not so much. I went with my friends Dot and Symone to try to find a Geocatch that was on campus. That utterly failed. We ended up looking for one for 30 minutes and no luck. The hint was “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” so we had thought maybe it was near the handicap sign, but eventually we had to give up. I then tried with Dot another 3 times so a total of 4 and we had literally no luck. I think some muggle must’ve found them and kept it because we kept looking for ones that were unfortunately extra small. Down below is a picture of how painfully close we were without getting anywhere. IMG_4981

Not finding one wasn’t going to keep us from planting one! Dot and I ended up planting our geocatch very close to the place where we couldn’t find the other one. So if you guys want to find it here are the coordinates!IMG_4982

And here are some pictures of where the place looks like, including Dot and I being there. IMG_4967


Overall I really did enjoy this experience. Even though we didn’t find any catches, it was really fun hiking around trying to find them! I’m going to actually keep geocatching now, I really want to find some! It was so interesting to realize that there was this whole world of hidden objects that I never knew about. The hint for our geocatch is “halfway up!” although I think the pictures speak for itself. Good luck geocatching guys! Hope you find something cool!



Wk12-Classmate Convo-Bianca Dominguez


Hey guys! For this week I interviewed Bianca Dominguez. She’s19 years old a first year at CSULB and is currently undeclared. Eventually she hopes to get into nursing. She wants to be a nurse because she enjoys helping people and doubts that the medical field can ever really get boring! Her older sister actually works as a surgical recovery technition (she retrieves organs for donation) and she really loves her job, which also helped Bianca go toward a nursing degree. While Bianca currently doesn’t have a job she’s planning to get one this summer. Along with her sister, Bianca has two poodle dogs at home, one named Romeo and the other Lola! She loves to hang out with her family and friends, seeing new places, checking out things on YouTube, and sleeping (don’t we all!). To learn more about her feel free to check out her link! Bianca Dominguez

Wk12-Artist Conversation-Tiffany Le

Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Tiffany Le

Exhibition Information

Artist: Tiffany Le
Exhibition: Tàu 
Media: Canvass, Print, Paper, LED Lights, Pipes, Watercolor, Acrylic, Ink, Charcoal
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: http://letealeaf.prosite.com
Instagram: @letealeaf

About the Artist

Tiffany was born and raised in Garden Grove, California. He parents had escaped from Vietnam so that she could live here in the United States. Tiffany had an interest in art since she was 3 years old, then she joined an after school program that allowed her to further her interest. She is going to graduate in May with an MFA for illustration.

Formal Analysis

Her artwork consists of many different types of watercolor and prints upon canvass and paper. The color black, yellow, and red are a common factor in her pieces.  Many of her illustrations include water, and while there are many swirls, the overall pictures appear rough and dangerous. Many of the pictures include smoke or foamy water to convey a sense of confusion. The pictures can be found at the bottom of the page.

Content Analysis

Tiffany’s works are meant to bring awareness to the difficulties of her parents. The year 1974 was when the largest immigration of her people to the U.S. occurred. She told me personally that she never knew much about her family because they often do not want to speak of the past. Additionally she noted that in U.S. history classes they never really touched on the subject. Her own father had failed 6 to 7 times trying to escape staying in a safe house from his own country. She said that he recalled seeing people fighting to board the escape boat and other people shoving them off. Finally he waited on the side, and later they decided to pick him up. Her own aunt tried swimming to the larger boat off in the distance until they too decided to help her aboard. Many of her pieces show clothing and objects that the families had to bring with them, others show the treacherous  journey from ships. The entire point is to exemplify her countries struggles and to show that it was not easy to get where they have come today.

Synthesis / My Experience


I really believe we can learn from Tiffany’s works in the situation today. Syrian refugees should be able to come into our country. They are looking for safety and many do not wish to join ISIS, but if we do not allow them an opportunity for an escape, we may be adding militia to the ISIS army. It truly bothers me when people complain about immigrants coming into our country because we are a country of immigrants. It is hypocritical for us to feel as though we have more right to live in this country than others based on our privileges. The truth is if the tables were turned we would be begging for the opportunity to be safe ourselves. From the difficult journey we can see through Tiffany’s works, we must be reminded that what we are so lucky to have what we do. Our lives, our lifestyles, as well as our choices, were all given to us by the luck of the draw. They are privileges. How is it our right to take other person’s privileges away?


Wk 11-Turning Pages

This week’s activity was named “Turning Pages” and the idea was inspired by artist Marta Troya. One different way of documenting experiences aside poems, writing, and pictures, is by song. I believe words and pictures cannot fully capture experiences, because they probably evoke different emotions and feelings than the subject or taker of the photo. The angle, the smell, the view, and the image can all be manipulated to interpret a different response. For this reason, the style and words matter. You can always try to recreate a moment but the truth is, no two moments are exactly alike. The expectations of the first moment will most likely affect the emotions when trying to experience or explain the situation. There is also the factor of the bias of the portrayer that additionally endangers the accuracy of the image or creation. I believe trying to capture the experience threatens the experience itself. By wasting your time turning all of your present actions into memories you cannot enjoy it while it is there. On the other hand you may in fact incorrectly remember the memory as being greater than the actual experience was itself. This is the easy yet dissapointing system of our society today. Where taking pictures is more to “show off” and create envy of others by posting them online, the person is most likely rejecting their own experience by wasting time thinking of how it will turn out to be in a later view. The experiences of the library and the book store were incredibly different. By not being forced to take photos in the library, I felt as if I could really enjoy the experience more. I did not feel as though I needed to concentrate on getting information for this post later, but rather was allowed to think about the process itself. The bookstore, however, felt more like propaganda. I completely ignored the purpose of the project to instead fill its requirements. Ultimately I did like this project. It was interesting to see how we could make a change by doing something so simple as to “read” books in a library in that it confused everyone around us. I came to realize that a large group of people can cause a disturbance or an interest from the public no matter how simple the situation is. I found it funny to see that the nature of our society now focuses on the purchases of items that are for enjoyment rather than understanding, but I also was not surprised. This entire generation focuses on reckless enjoyment over education. Noticing that the rest of the world is simply giving in to this mentality to earn a greater profit over instead trying to better the population by offering intellect, is a sad, yet expected result.

Wk 10-Classmate Conversation-Dominique Gomez


Hi guys! For this week I interviewed Dominique Gomez. She’s a freshman here at Cal State Long Beach and she’s currently a biology major. With this degree, Dominique wants to be a  veterinarian. She loves wildlife animals and is excited to be able to help them in the future. Right now, Dominique commutes from Garden Grove. She lives with two younger siblings, one brother and one sister, along with her pet cat. She loves to play soccer, hike, adventure, and draw. She actually played soccer all four years in her high school. Her dream is to travel the world one day. While Dominique does not have a favorite movie, her favorite movie genre is action. If you want to know more about Dominique, feel free to check out her website! https://dominiquegomezcsulb.wordpress.com

Wk-10-Helen Werner Cox

Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition Information

Artist: Helen Werner Cox
Exhibition: Silent Screams
Media: Oil and Pastel, Print Drawings, Wood Carving, Mono Prints, Water Based Materials
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: www.HelenWernerCox.com
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

Helen was a graduate student and was part of the Figure Track program at her school. She grew up in New York State and taught high school and middle school for 30 years. She began teaching high school in Boston for about 13 years, until she finally moved to California, sick of the snow and rain, and taught middle school for an additional 17 years. After this, she became the school librarian, falling in love with her job, and worked there for another 14 years. Currently, aside from her artwork, Helen loves to garden, and read fiction and mystery books. Helen also tends to carry a schedule book around with her to which she writes down all of her artistic ideas and what she wishes to express.

Formal Analysis

Helen’s exhibition circles mainly around the images of carousals and the animals associated with Merry-go-rounds. Her animals are portrayed in numerous different types of forms and styles. Some creations are wooden, some are vividly colored, others are black and white, and some are even three-dimensional. The expressions of most of her creatures are frantic and wide eyed. Most of her creations have a specific eccentric style to each different art piece. For instance one would have a theme of deep blue, or another a russet orange. All in all, her art pieces each have an individual style, while all having the theme of carousal animals.

Content Analysis

Helen says that her artwork is meant to demonstrate the chaos in society in general. She tends to portray only adults on the animals, or rather all the animals themselves completely breaking free from their holds while running around in a frantic herd. She believes that the animals moving in a circle represents the continuous mistakes that people make, in an endless insanity of repetition. The look of chaos on their face is meant to symbolize that adults are unsure of whats going on, simply running because they have nothing better to do.

Synthesis / My Experience

I admire Helen’s work because of the great level of variety it has. Unlike most artists that just make to create, Helen has a deeper meaning behind her works because she is able to connect her images to form a symbolic representation of society. She has a solid theme, yet can still offer different styles that allow the viewer to gain a broader perspective. I for one loved Merry-go-rounds as a kid mainly because of the beauty in it, and still appreciate it now. Helen however, allowed me to see a more deep emotional attachment to it in contrast, I can now understand that it can have a sort of frustrated sadness to it, and that the mistakes of our past are free to repeat themselves so long as we don’t break free of the cycle. Sometimes in life you really just need to leave the past behind so that you can move on in a new direction.




Hi everyone! This week we had to post four Instagram pictures and tag our class art110 in the process. For my pictures, I took a couple of shots of the artwork we saw in the gallery, one with my friends Symone and Tareena, and lastly one of my dog, Mika. Looking upon my classmate’s posts, I see few similarities with mine. People so far had mainly posted food, police cars, shoes, and a few others posted pictures with their friends like mine. I feel as though we are disconnected individuals, because even though I have met some of these people, I have not talked to them enough to get to know them. I believe that most classes in college are not taken seriously, and are mainly only taken for the credit towards their degree. If this was a class that people had joined outside of school, or a club for instance, people may feel much more willing to be involved and become close to one another. For these reasons I believe that we are individuals, while all searching for a similar goal, have many different dreams and personalities.